Monday, March 23, 2009

Harrowing Memories, an excerpt from Chapter 3

The damp grass of the early morning took its toll on Tarin’s leather shoes, making them soggy and rough. From the pain each footfall brought, he knew whatever blisters formed over the past nighttime hours had popped leaving nothing but raw skin between him and the course leather. Sarky’s nearby whimpering and occasional moans suggested his friend was experiencing similar discomforts. The only consolation to their tiresome trek was the strange yet beautiful aroma the forest brewed as the morning waked. It was a fresh sweet, scent; that of life lifting its weary eyes as the first rays of the morning sun embraced the topmost leaves of the trees. The moisture sleeping on the surface of the woods rose toward the beckoning light, drawing with it the sweet scent of flora. In Woodend, the scent of the forest had never been so potent.
Tarin had not once been outside the city in the early morning. He now wondered what else he missed during his short life of reclusion.
“Hurry, my friends,” Thief whispered from fifty paces. Though quiet, his tone was urgent. “We are moments from Lockspell,” he pointed forward, toward a thinning in the trees. “The road is just ahead. Then, Lockspell!”
“It’s about time,” Sarky panted. He scuttled up next to Tarin. “So,” he said faintly, gesturing toward Tarin’s pocket, “has your new friend given you a plan yet?”
Tarin tried to hold back the knot those words lodged in his stomach. The answer was no.
Suddenly his feet hit hard, level ground, and he and Sarky paused for just a moment to look down at the bricks beneath them. A glance back yielded little but darkness, for the morning was still young, but ahead of them, where Thief waved for them to follow, a red glow broke through the trees and lit the roadway. “Come on,” Thief hissed, the tight lines on his forehead accenting their need for haste.
The boys glanced at each other, and ran, the pain of their blisters now greater on the hard ground.
Moments later, they left the cover of the trees and Tarin saw from his peripheral vision the top of the red sun as it lifted over, could it be? He stopped and turned toward the western horizon, and like a baby opening his eyes for the first time, saw the rolling blue expanse of Lockspell lake, a ribbon of red shooting down its deep blue center as the sun exploded up over the distant trees on its eastern shore and greeted the new morning with its warm, late September rays.
Tarin smiled.
Sarky stopped and patted his shoulder. “Nice morning, eh?” As usual, Sarky stole the wonder from a precious moment. But still, Tarin’s heart beat fast at his very first look at Lockspell lake, the first lake he’d ever seen.
“Let’s go,” Sarky said, tugging on Tarin’s sweaty, dirt covered white shirt. “We’re losing Thief.”
Tarin forced his eyes from the lake just in time to see Thief sprinting toward a more familiar sight, that of a distant wooden gate of a walled forest city. This one, though, wasn’t Woodend. With the new surroundings, came a new sensation, Tarin, for the first time in his life, felt homesick.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Title and Release for Book 2 Determined

I've finally decided on a title for the second book of the Forsaken Kingdom series. "Harrowing Memories". And yes, the title has great significance to the upcoming story. Also, I plan to release this book in 2010, either through Carnation City Press or another publisher if one picks me up. I'll post some excerpts shortly.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Encouraging Email

I got a very nice email from a reader that I'd like to share:

Hello Peter Dudek,

It feels like a strange privilage to write to the creator of such a awe-inspiring epic tale. Usually I can never communicate with the great minds that have authored my favorite books, because they have all died. (I hope there is not correlation here!)

During our Florida Keys fishing vacation, my mom read the book to my dad, older brother, and I. I loved the setting you created--it was living, breathing, and easy to visualize. The names of all the creatures in this world rang with the appropriate tone. As we neared the middle of the book, I began to understand more in depth the soul-stirring parallels that this book has to our own spiritual journeys. I was encouraged to seek Christ when all seems dim. As the illumina, God is near and readily spoken to. He is powerful and thus, so is prayer. He also rules over the forces of evil and powers of darkness. I love the way you encompassed both the seen and unseen world with both the shadows and the Drilockk, and how the shadows had great influence over people who turned to the evil one. This book had high intensity and kept us reading hour after hour. Please, please keep writing! You left your characters in dire circumstances!

I have been telling people about this marvelous book, and others will too, so that you won't have to spend as much time advertising but instead invest your time into writing. In hopes of doing this, I wanted to make you aware of an organization called You might consider joining this site and encouraging its users to read your book. Emily Cianciola works for this site, and sometimes she writes a spotlight on particular members. She interviewed my brother, Samson, recently because he was a National teem aspirant (he made it, by the way). I am sure that she would be very interested in interviewing you, if you become a member.

Thanks for using your talents for Christ.


Monday, January 26, 2009

My brother Drew

Just wanted to offer a big thanks to my younger brother Drew. He's the brains and engine behind my website, and without him, I'd have a website that looked like it was designed by a math major. Below is a pic he painted as a Christmas gift to myself. It is concept art from my book. Drew, thanks for your help! You Rock! (Please ignore the reflection in the background of my taking the pic with my cell phone)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

One month in...

First, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who's read my book so far! I appreciate all your feedback. Ironically (and I hope this is a good sign) my biggest negative return has been "I don't like the ending!" Reason being, I sort of leave it at a cliff hanger, though I do resolve the story thread I wished to resolve in book 1. Though I call Forsaken Kingdom a series, in reality it is one large story that will be presented in what I plan to be three to four books, similar to what Tolkien did with the Lord of the Rings.

Good news: I've started the second book.
Bad news: It's going to be at least a year before I can finish it, then it will take more time to get it professionally edited and put in a book form. Although, if I can get a traditional publisher to pick up City of Prophecy, the timetable will be shorter.

Prayer Request: I'm juggling many things right now, and I'm hoping God sees some use in these books I'm writing. If so, I really need prayer that someone in the publishing industry will take notice of my series. Advertising/Promoting this thing isn't easy, and I have to be careful not to spend too much. Anyway, if you've read it, and liked it, please spread the word to other readers who might like it as well. And to repeat, all prayers will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Book Signing Pics

Here are some pics from my recent book signing at Berean in Canton, Ohio.

Here's me signing a book! Exciting, no?

Above is my brother Drew inspecting the progress of the book signing, as well as admiring some of his artwork (he did the cover art as well as they poster you see to his right).

Here's my table and my helpers. My sister's friend Madison who was my cashier is on the left, and my sister Leah is on the right. Notice the candy on the left end of the table, a clever ploy to lure potential buyers.

Friday, December 12, 2008

All Around the Neighborhood

One way to shine the light is by getting involved in the community. After all, we’re supposed to “shine it all around the neighborhood.” In my home town of Alliance is a large brick building located on 715 S. Arch Street. This building has played many roles for our community, it’s first from what I’ve heard was a church. And though it has served other functions, a local congregation, Tabernacle Baptist, now calls it home, and offers it as a community center for spreading the light and providing for people’s needs. In fact, once a month Tabernacle offers a free breakfast to all in the community, demonstrating its desire to help people with both physical and spiritual needs. Tabernacle has also allowed me and my friend John to coordinate a Kid’s Church there which we call Kingdom Kids and hold every Saturday Morning at 9:30 – 11:00 for ages 6-14. We had our first event just one week ago and I look forward to our second event to be held later this morning. The help we have there is wonderful and I Thank Tabernacle Baptist for allowing me and others a place to help shine the light to the kids of the community.